A self-titled Hospitality Junkie, Deva Logan started her Hospitality Consulting company to help the individual/family/small business with a dream, to truly get their Hospitality based business off to the right start. Making sure that businesses, even ones that are already established, get the results that they desire.

For over 14 years Deva has planned events for both herself & others.
Deva takes special consideration of the big things & extra detail in the little things.
She makes sure that your event, whether extremely luxurious or exclusively intimate, you will truly receive the Deva Experience.

Deva is a multi-dimensional being.
A woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend.
She is passionate about many areas & lived many life experiences.
Life of A Deva is where you can read her blog, hear her podcast & truly dive into Life Of A Deva

Deva Logan is an accomplished speaker. Her story telling along with her motivational energy gives her a certain edge when enteracting with any group.