This is me. Relaxed, chill, thoughtful.


This is also me. Poised, glamorous, beautiful


This is also me. Mother to my rainbow baby.


This is also me. Silly, fun, loving.

Welcome to Deva Logan.


I am a consultant and fixer. I specialize in Sex. I specialize in Relationships. I specialize in Transformation & Healing. I specialize in Hospitality Consulting. I specialize in seeing the problems and holes that you do not see. I specialize in seeing you.

I have traveled many paths. The journey has been an eventful one. The journey has been challenging.

I have wanted to die. I have wanted to live. I have wanted to kill. I have had the peaks of pleasure and the bowels of despair.

I see the world and everyone in it as a story line. An artist's work.

I am passionate. I am an empoweree.

There is nothing that I cannot achieve once I decide that I will achieve it.

I am a different kind of innovative consultant.

I refuse to pick just one thing to be good at.

I refuse to follow the conventional path that we have been conditioned to follow and believe.

There is not just one way to run a business, be in a relationship, have sex, heal, transform, live.

There is no one way because there is always change and growth.

Change and growth is the only constant that we will ever have.

We are born into this world one way. When we die, we are not the same as we were born.

The reason, I am as good as I am is because I fully embrace this and it is a part of my life motto.

When working with me, you must understand that I operate out of love and the desire to see you be great. Greatness does not come from telling you what you want to hear. Greatness does not come from coddling. Greatness does not come from pandering.

Greatness comes from being able to stand in the truth. Greatness comes from knowing your strengths and your weaknesses. Greatness comes from being able to have an intention and being able to be innovative. Greatness comes from knowing when to hold them and when to fold them and when to just put it off to the side for a while.

Greatness comes from being creative. Greatness comes from knowing how much battery percentage you have and giving your all. Greatness comes from being able to see when you need to just take a break. Greatness comes from being stubborn, tenacious, and insightful.

I am here to be your eyes. I am here to be your ears. I am here to see beyond the fog that you are standing in. I am here to understand where you are, where you want to go and to help you make those changes.

If you desire someone to love you, make you feel good, and hold your hand, I suggest you walk away now and find someone else.

I mean that with all honesty and sincerity. I love to see people genuinely happy. I love to see people succeeding. I know that it takes work, effort, consistency, and honesty.

I know because I have lived this experience called life to the fullest. Doing my best to never not live in the moment. Doing my best to always analyze and reanalyze my experiences.

When you work with me, I will be your biggest cheerleader and your harshest critic. I will not demean you. I will not disrespect you. I will not attack you. None of that is necessary.

I will however tell you the truth. I will challenge you to live in, walk in , exist in your potential. I will push you because I know that you can do it.

I will do for you, what I do for myself, on a lesser scale.

If you are ready to work. Then book a call with me today to see if we are truly a good fit.