Hospitality is a pleasure based business. Making sure you create the right atmosphere is key in bringing in new guests and turning them into regular guests. Providing the best service & atmosphere is the most important.

Your food, drinks, and customer service is what creates your atmosphere. Keeping those the most important focus makes sure that you set the correct atmosphere.

Making sure that you are providing the best experience, for the best price, guarantees that you will make your profit margins. Understanding how the numbers work and keeping a consistent eye on your numbers will help you move through the journey of the hospitality industry with ease.

I will work with you on making sure that you are clear on who you want to serve, the type of atmosphere you want to provide, and the type of profits that you would like to make.

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Wednesday there was an article posted in the Spokesman about Fine Dining in Spokane. You can read it hereā€¦(Fine Dining Article From the Spokesman.) I spent most of Wednesday analyzing this article. Reading and Rereading. Allowing my brain to truly marinate on the...